STOP Being Scammed Out of Your Money by Shady Breeders with This Powerful Tool

I noticed that lots of people did get scammed out of their money which is totally avoidable by simply following some basic rules and using a tool named

What Are The Basic Rules?

  1. Avoid breeders who don’t want to be on camera or meet in person
  2. Avoid breeders who ask you for down payments via PayPal or anything like vouchers (yep, they do ask for this)
  3. Use escrow – also if you meet the person in the flesh

A lot of puppy buyers are emotional buyers and forget about the business part and “smart” shady breeders simply take advantage of this.

Do NOT break any of the basic rules and you will keep your hard-earned money in your own pocket…

Let me show you first how does keep your money safe – by the way, this is not only safe for the buyer but also the seller.

Watch the video below:

Some Other Solutions

  • Work with professionals who are making sales for a living
  • Work with people who do have the network
  • Join groups that are exclusive

Anyway, the basic rules are strong enough to keep your safe and remember don’t buy with your heart buy with common sense and you will be good…

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