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Welcome and Little Introduction:
My name is Dahlan Baron making sales from 11 years young and at 42 I am a business growth strategist growing businesses and people their income all over the planet living from country to country. 
Below this page you can click my logos to visit some of my b2b and b2c business and education sites.
Why Charging Money?
It took us months and some groups more than a year to grow the size they are and it takes a lot of effort before Facebook grants us organic growth.
And another benefit: It keeps the scammers and spammers on safe distance because they don’t like to invest in their “business” endeavors…
At this moment we reached an amount of 40+ groups which at this point grow each day with a minimal of 100 people and goes faster each and every single day.
So prices do increase overtime for obvious reasons but contact me on WhatsApp if you got any questions or concerns or propositions.
Contact me for the available groups.

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NOTE: Prices increase over time because groups are growing every day with a minimal of 100 people a day – that’s a lot of targeted eyes on your product/service.
Puppies aren’t labeled as a commodity or product or service – for which we charge an additional fee of 5euro a day – we simply filter the scammers from the people who understand that exposure and advertisement does cost money (or lots of effort by creating your own audiences)

POST CONTENT guidelines

1. Up to 3 Images
2. Copy for the post:

Hook – catchy headline that presets the product

Bait – some kind of offer like : today discount only (just a simple example)

And a clear call to action like “Click here” “Don’t miss out…” “Check out our great store here…” etc.

Feel free to ask for post content corrections or suggestions

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