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  • All breeders will be contacted and in order to verify legitimacy a Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp call will be conducted
  • All puppy buyers will be checked on upon legitimacy
  • This email list will be accessible for a LIMITED amount of people 

What’s The Procedure?

First off all, this is a new feature for the MBT group members to provide a quality list of trusted breeders and buyers. 

Because buying and selling of puppies should be WITHOUT the scams that are happening daily around the world…

My part of the deal is preventing people getting scammed out of their money.

I will start out reaching to the breeders and start doing a Zoom/Skype/Whatsapp calls to check if they are legit. 

Once they are proven to be legit then they can start sharing their breeding schedule, available puppies, etc..

The available puppies will be shared with puppy buyers on my email list ONLY and won’t be available anywhere else.

Breeders can sign up for free and puppy searchers need to pay a on- time fee of only 1.99 – This price is ofcourse ridiculous low considering the fact that it might save you a few hundred if not thousands of dollars!

Price will definitely increase over time…

What To Do Now?

Choose one of the lists: breeder or puppy searcher – Submit the required details and I’ll send you a confirmation email with additional information and my contact details.

Signup for the legit breeders list:

Signing up is 100% for free for breeders for now

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In order to take advantage of this service I am charging a one-time fee of 1.99€

Note: Price will increase drastically… After signing up you will be re-directed to the one-time payment link.

Thank you very much and friendly greetings,

Dahlan Baron.

P.S.: Want to contact me personally first? You can use any of the options below PLUS you will receive all my details by confirmation email as well…

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