Welcome and Little Introduction:

My name is Dahlan Baron making sales from 11 years young and at 42 I am a business growth strategist growing businesses and people their income all over the planet living the past 12 years from country to country – at the moment located in Malta.
Below this page you can click my business logos to visit some of my main B2B and B2C business and education sites and you can pretty much find out everything about me. Social media, blog posts, Youtube and if that’s not enough just Google my name 🙂
Feel free to contact me via BaronVision.com or join the movement on DotcomBaron if you’re seriously interested in personal development, business growth and non-stop travel 🙂 
But that’s not why you are here, let’s dive into the VIP groups – if the buttons are locked then you missed out and need to wait till slots are open again…

The vip facebook groups

Read this very carefully before your enter any of the VIP groups:
You will get access to a VIP group where trusted breeders will place available pups. 
Locations entirely depend on availability and chats will be ONLY conducted in the group and nowhere else UNLESS your special VIP (more info below)!
Safe and secure payment consultancy will be provided in the groups.
At the moment I am busy with several breeders in multiple countries so be patient until I place them in the group.
I will spend time on doing chats with breeders and believe me this doesn’t cover my normal hourly rate or the ridiculous fees that businesses pay me for business growth projects and I am doing this to safe people from losing money!
There will be multiple puppy searchers in the group so for people who want to have first row seats to get puppies need to pay an extra fee but before you decide on this: Ask for availability because I will only take a one or two!
You will need to pay a recurring monthly fee of 3.99€ or pay for the whole year ONLY 11.99€ for the Shih-Tzu
The monthly price will definitely increase soon after kicking off with VIP content and breeder offers and I have to put in the time. Keep in mind the Shih-Tzu group is new and it’s beginning stage – content will be delivered the coming days!
I will keep VIP groups small so if the payment button is closed then you will have to wait until I make the “re-open announcement” in the public group.
The price is for people who trust me enough to join in beta period and will never be charged a higher monthly or yearly fee. PROMISE!
You will be automatically redirected to the VIP group link after submitting the payment and you will be accepted instantly but make sure that your Facebook is older than 6 months.
If you run into any problems – click the WhatsApp button below…

Any shady looking personal Facebook profile accounts will be deleted from the group without refund!

My exact role, Dahlan Baron, is brokering deals between breeders and puppy searchers by creating an optimized digital environment and consult indirect or directly safe transactions – Under no circumstances I can be labeled as puppy seller or any similar term directly or indirectly similar to labels as such.

I keep the rights to ban anyone from the group due misbehavior in any kind of way without refund!

I can’t be held responsible in any way of future health issues of any individuals and/or animals involved.

REFUND requests only within 12 hours after submitting payment! 

I keep the right to change this policy at any give time – click here to read the complete policy and terms and conditions of this website


NOTE: This is a recurring monthly payment but you can use the button below to make a yearly payment – again this is beta pricing and price will raise soon!

Contact group admin after making the payment and you will get the VIP access link.

Problems with making payment? Same story contact admin using button WhatsApp below…

pay only 11.99€


100% Secure Payments:
Payment  are 100% securely through www.stripe.com and www.revolut.com.
Contact me on WhatsApp in case of questions or any concerns

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